Bill Meir

Business Development Manager for BMT Hi-Q Sigma's Wider Defence Portfolio

Bill manages business development within the Wider Defence Portfolio. He previously managed the Associates Group, which has now been integrated into the individual BMT Hi-Q Sigma business Portfolios, as part of our company growth strategy. He is now focused on sustaining existing wider defence business and growth in new defence related areas outside of the main UK defence markets. This includes Niteworks & Dstl CTWs and expansion is directed towards business areas such as wider Dstl support, for example through the Analysis Support Construct and Training platforms. Areas of interest in wider defence include the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), NATO and European Agencies such as SESAR and fostering business relationships with Major Defence Prime contractors to enter some of the larger competitive bids for future business.

After a 25 year career in the Dark Blue (RN Surface Ships and Submarines) as a Weapons Engineer, latterly acting as MoD Project Manager for a major operational SSBN and SSN capability update, he has now completed a further 30 years in Industry. Bill has a broad grounding in project and programme management, systems engineering, enterprise architecture and business development. He has held many positions from MD of a Defence company to Project Director of a major sonar bid (Sonar 2087), as Prime Contractor leading an international team, and senior business development and marketing appointments in industry.

BMT Hi-Q Sigma draws on this diverse background and wide experience to provide business solutions to Defence related customers as part of the supply chain.