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Systems Engineering and Project Management: a personal recollection

Ivor Bennett
Capability Director

It became clear to me when I joined BMT in late 1991 and began working initially as a Combat Systems Design Engineer, and subsequently as a Risk Manager, that the underlying reasons for our Front-line problems were far more complex and ill-defined than I had appreciated.  However, I was determined to apply my engineering common-sense to these problems and in the early days of Risk Management, working on the Future Frigate programme with a number of like-minded engineers and non-engineers, we created an approach which became in many ways the basis for the discipline across Defence.

Big Data vs Monte Carlo: enabling better decision-making

Sean Stewart
Senior Management Consultant

What's best for enabling better project decisions: big data predictive analytics or Monte-Carlo simulation? I attended an APM Event to this effect, presented by Dr Nira Chamberlain, Principal Consultant for Data Science and Mathematical Modelling, Babcock Analytic Solutions. The presenter concluded that both of these tools are useful, providing that best practice is adhered to when they are used. I left feeling unclear, given that the majority of the audience felt the concept of ‘Big Data’ was new.