Meet our staff - Ryan Parry

Meet our Staff: Ryan Parry

We talk to Ryan Parry, Consultant, about life as a young professional at BMT Hi-Q Sigma

Staff Training and Development

About me
I joined BMT Hi-Q Sigma in November 2012 as a Graduate Consultant, following two years in the financial services industry. When joining, the promise of interesting work and extensive training and development made it an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. Within two weeks of my start date, I was on project within In-Service Submarines at the Defence Equipment and Support site in Bristol. Five senior BMT HQS consultants were already embedded into the project which meant I could be mentored into the role at an appropriate pace and had a team to assist with any queries I may have had. This support allowed me to develop my understanding of project management principles very quickly and aided my promotion to Consultant within my first year.

Hi-Q Sigma is a ‘people business’ and, therefore, there is a great emphasis on developing staff through a wide-range of training. In addition to the on-the-job training I mentioned, Hi-Q Sigma employees are encouraged to attend as many training events as possible. To aid this, the company and BMT Group have both developed a number of internal training courses that are run regularly and available to all staff. This allows new starters to begin developing their skills and understanding at the earliest opportunity. As an example, I attended ‘Contract Law’, ‘Presentation Skills’, ‘Report Writing’, ‘Risk Management’ and ‘Business Development’ courses within my first eight months.

In addition to the BMT-led training, employees are also encouraged to identify and communicate any new training that they would like to attend and feel they would benefit from. This supportive approach to training and development is very rare and, aside from the new skills that training brings, it helps new joiners, especially, feel they are fully supported by the company due to the early and continued investment in their development.

On top of the training, Hi-Q Sigma encourage employees to formally recognise their skills and development through attaining a wide range of qualifications. This is particularly valuable for younger members of staff since it helps develop technical understanding, and enables employees to enhance their CV from a career development perspective. During my first 18 months, Hi-Q Sigma have supported me in completing the APM Introductory Certificate and the APMP qualification, whilst identifying a number of others to complete in the coming months and years.

Since Hi-Q Sigma is a small to medium sized company, there are always opportunities to assist in the day to day running of the business which helps develop an entirely different skill set. As an example, I have been involved in writing bids for work, providing monthly website statistic reports and also project managing delivery of a company team-building event. Apart from developing skills, these additional activities allow the young people of the company to interact with their other colleagues and diversify from the normal day job. In addition, Hi-Q Sigma has an increasing number of opportunities to work abroad which are a great personal and career development opportunity.

Company Culture
Although Hi-Q Sigma is a great company for career development as a young professional, arguably its most valuable trait is the company’s culture. This is often a difficult trait to explain, however, I would describe it as an environment where everybody feels a part of the same team and where employees at all levels are willing to make time to help their colleagues. This friendly and positive atmosphere aids communication amongst colleagues and makes our company social events a lot of fun! We hold a company review day once a quarter, a summer and Christmas party, regular social club events and ad-hoc socials and an annual family summer BBQ…so lots of opportunity to get to know people and make friends with your colleagues.