BMT Hi-Q Sigma provides programme and project delivery support to private and public sector clients


As business and society adapts to the demands of the 21st Century, so must the infrastructure, services and assets of the world’s transport network.

BMT Hi-Q Sigma provides programme and project delivery support to private and public sector clients within the Transport sector, from railway signalling upgrades, rolling stock procurement and strategic guidance to national Government transport infrastructure programmes.

Building on the expertise of the core team and a network of experts within the BMT Group of companies, we offer a range of services which can be tailored to specific requirements. All services are based on an intimate understanding of the market, the operational aspects of the transport business and the related engineering, regulatory, environmental and business issues.

Our consultants embed best practice programme and project management and systems engineering to ensure objectives are achieved successfully and benefits realised within commercially driven time and budget constraints.

Our client list includes Thales, Tube Lines, London Underground, Bombardier Rail and the Highways Agency. Some and recent projects include:

Jubilee and Northern Line Signalling Upgrade (JNUP): BMT Hi-Q Sigma’s Project Management, Scheduling and Project Controls expertise contributed to Thales’ successful delivery of the Jubilee and Northern Line Signalling Upgrade against its demanding transportation project schedule.

Manchester Metrolink: BMT Hi-Q Sigma provided training to key personnel to improve the business planning capability of the company. Our skills and experience have enabled the production of accurate forecasts which in turn improve the ability of the organisation to deliver its strategy.

Highways Agency: In support of the Strategic Roads Sponsorship and the Strategic Roads Investment teams, BMT Hi-Q Sigma defined the overall strategy as well as providing an appropriate Target Operating Model and the supporting documentation required to deliver the strategy. We also provided risk management consultancy to the National Traffic Information System programme.

London Underground Connect Portfolio: BMT Hi-Q Sigma provided a risk and opportunity management maturity improvement initiative to five high priority transport programmes. We delivered a current state of compliance and a realistic roadmap to successfully meet the desired level of maturity within an acceptable timeframe.