Bert and Ernie Set to Revolutionise Wind Engineering

Bert and Ernie - 220 x 150BMT has launched an avant-garde approach to the manufacturing of wind tunnel model surrounds.  Robots, Bert and Ernie, will take charge of the surrounds – from the simple to the most complex designs, providing precision engineering for developers, architects and designers.   


Michelle Cushion, Managing Director at BMT comments: “We are very excited to have Bert and Ernie become part of the team.  This is a real game changer for BMT and demonstrates our commitment to being at the forefront of wind engineering technologies, whilst delivering added value and technical excellence to our customers around the world.”   


Bert and Ernie 220 x 150 (2)With the capacity to run 24/7 without any rest breaks, Bert and Ernie can manufacture detailed and complex surrounds simply from 3D drawings, reducing the need for numerous quality checks throughout the process.  They not only provide greater flexibility, repeatability and improved quality, they have the potential to cut the manufacturing time by 50%.



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