BMT Announces New Business Model for Wind Engineering

BMT Fluid Mechanics has announced a strategic restructure that will extend its global market coverage and improve the way it delivers its wind engineering expertise. 

Wind Tunnel - 220Michelle Cushion, Managing Director at BMT Fluid Mechanics comments: “BMT operates significant wind tunnel facilities at our Teddington site; they are of a unique design and broad capability, but are now also aged, albeit venerable and, increasingly unreliable.

Our business planning in recent years has included the examination of a different business model; one where instead of owning and operating our own tunnels, we instead harness a range of top-scale wind tunnel facilities through partnering arrangements across the world. This will enable us to achieve a global scale-up of our business, deliver a greater range of wind engineering services and allow our staff to offer services local to our customers.  

Having developed these arrangements, we are confident in this approach and have now taken the decision to decommission our historic wind tunnels in Teddington at the end of this year. An accompanying restructuring of the business over the same period will ensure that we can deliver all the benefits of this new way of working.

As we embark on this transformation I know we will remain dynamic and flexible and ensure we continue to deliver exceptional quality and service to our customers”.

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