Digital transformation: taking a step back is the right thing to do

It was encouraging, at the Government ICT 2.0 2017 conference, to hear from those at the forefront of digital transformation in government such as Paul Brewer (Director for Digital & Resources at Adur & Worthing Councils) and Holly Ellis (Director of Capability, for DDaT Profession at GDS) stressing the importance of taking a broader perspective and taking time to plan before embarking on a digital transformation journey.

To me this is important because taking the time to understand the future state and how to get there, from the perspectives of existing IT architecture, processes and most importantly, the people needed to support the future state – as well the digital front end, allows you to better appreciate and overcome the challenges and barriers to changing the organisation and delivering the benefits of digital transformation.

When the 2013 Digital Strategy was released we began stressing the need for a comprehensive approach to digital transformation, outlined in our whitepaper – Effective Digital Transformations, so I’m glad to see that the arguments put forward have finally been adopted in the way digital transformation is delivered.

Our view was that not only does taking that wider perspective into consideration allow benefits to be realised, but it also allows the team to consider the right techniques and delivery models suited to deliver change across digital services, IT infrastructure, processes and people.

The right method is paramount as no single approach suits all types of change. From what we have seen, complete digital transformation needs a mix of agile delivery and traditional waterfall approaches set within the tailored governance arrangements of a wider change programme.

Tom Olden, Senior Consultant, BMT

Click here to download the Effective Digital Transformations whitepaper.


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