Health check assessments by BMT Hi-Q Sigma take a deep dive into your projects and programmes


Find out how our online P3M health checks can provide you with a snapshot of the status of your projects and programmes


Project and programme assurance aims to provide independent and objective oversight of the likely future performance of major projects. This is particularly important for those responsible for approving, financing or managing such undertakings. The cost of correcting an issue is many times the cost of preventing it early in the project lifecycle. It is therefore imperative to ensure a project or programme is managed appropriately, and robust project controls are required to ensure this happens.

A P3M health check is a reflective learning exercise, providing an independent assessment of the quality and maturity of the project controls in order to identify what is going well and what areas need improvement. Conducting health checks enables issues and non-compliance to be captured and resolved early in a cost-effective way. The lessons learned can then be applied to future projects. 

What do BMT Hi-Q Sigma provide?
We offer detailed health check assessments to evaluate the compliance and effectiveness of various management and controls within a project or programme. We make clear recommendations to help you to put plans in place to improve your controls and the management of your project and programmes. This enables you to:

  • Maximise efficiency
  • Maximise value of project controls
  • Increase the likelihood of your project or programme succeeding

Our online health checks
To gain a high-level indication of the maturity of your project controls, try our unique online health checks. These provide a snapshot of the status of a project or programme in three areas to identify what is going well and which areas need improvement. Click on the links below to start your assessment:
Risk Management Health Check
Schedule Management Health Check
Performance Management Health Check

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