Procuring our Services

ConsultancyONE Framework

BMT Hi-Q Sigma provides policy development and advice, organisational strategy, change management (PPM) and procurement services to Government


The framework agreement is available for use by all parts of the public sector, for Central Government organisations, Departments, Arms Length Bodies (ALB’s) and Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPB’s), this framework will be the mandated route for the procurement of consultancy services within scope, between £100k and £2m in value. Work below £100k and above £2m, other than by exception, will be procured via different procurement routes.

BMT is proud to have been selected to offer our services to Government through ConsultancyONE.  We offer services under the following Lots:-

Lot 2 Management Consultancy

2.1 Policy Development and Advice

Provides consultancy advice on development of high-level business policies and strategies which might include presentation to senior-level decision makers. Advice may include, but is not limited to such aspects as:
The formulation of the most efficient and cost effective policy and or strategy to achieve organisational aims.
Policies and strategies concerned with internal organisation and operations; or those concerned with the delivery of outward-facing core organisational activities / public services.
Organisation-wide policies / strategies, or those within a particular functional area e.g. IT; HR; Procurement; Finance; Estates and Property.

  • Development or review of government policy, objectives, programmes and  initiatives;
  • Business policy / strategy appraisal, development and formulation;
  • Sustainability and sustainable development policies and strategies;
  • Identification and development of new services / programmes / initiatives;
    Conducting “value for money” (VfM) reviews, in support of policy and or strategy development;
  • Business sourcing strategies e.g. outsourcing, shared services, etc.;
  • Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances, Mergers, Investments and Acquisitions;
  • Business case advice and development including strategic fit, options appraisal, commercial aspects, affordability and achievability;
  • Policy and strategic knowledge and information management.

2.2 Organisational Strategy

Provides consultancy advice on the organisational strategy and design of structural and/or operational changes within an organisation in delivering its policies, strategies, purposes and objectives.
Supporting and driving organisational change through advising on structure and role design to meet future strategic and functional needs.
Developing performance management systems and cultures to build organisation, team and individual learning and performance.
Developing organisational effectiveness through securing staff commitment and engagement.

  • Organisational (re) design and change management;
  • Diagnosis of the current situation in order to determine both the need and the capability to change;
  • Structural reviews, organisational diagnosis, role design and re-organisation;
  • Skills analysis, audit and capability management;
  • Business case including performance metrics for measurable achievement of benefits and alignment to stakeholder aims;
  • Rationalisation and efficiency, to include transformation solutions;
  • Business Process Reengineering to achieve step change in performance;
  • Appraising business structures, business architecture, operating models and business performance measurement;
  • Development of change management plans;
  • Performance management and appraisal;
  • Pay and reward reviews and strategies;
  • Communication strategies.

Lot 3 Functional Advice and Support

3.1 Change management (PPM)

Change management/PPM expertise for the management, implementation and client side delivery of business critical programmes / projects relating to change, transformation and or transition.

  • Development of change management policies, strategies and or programmes or projects
  • Implementation of change management plans including the managing programmes and projects utilising best proactive tools and techniques to ensure successful delivery of objectives
  • Application of best practice tools and techniques, (such as “business process reengineering or LEAN thinking), to achieve step change in performance and or to access efficiency savings
  • Planning, execution, monitoring control and closure of a project
  • Managing the project scope, project stakeholders, project team, project risks, project schedule, project budget, the project conflicts and benefits.
  • Plan and manage programme resources and budget
  • Skills and Knowledge transfer to the satisfaction of the customer post programme or project

3.3 Procurement

Commercial/procurement expertise for the management, implementation and client side delivery of strategic sourcing initiatives and strategic procurement projects.

  • Devising, developing and implementing tailored procurement strategies and procedures
  • Implementing and delivering procurement initiatives to deliver savings, added value benefits and improved value for money (VfM)
  • Providing support on a procurement project (at any stage of the lifecycle) for goods / services including high level outsourcing and PPP/PFI projects.
  • Benchmarking of functional specialisms based on performance metrics and characteristics defined by the customer
  • Skills and Knowledge transfer to the satisfaction of the client post programme or project