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BMT Hi-Q Sigma are supporting the Bloodhound SSC project

Bloodhound SSC

What benefits do we deliver?

  • BMT Hi-Q Sigma have implemented a fully resourced and effective planning and scheduling system, ensuing all scheduling and plans are aligned and fully integrated with key project processes to deliver programme objectives
  • Bloodhound team leaders can now maximise resource usage, supported by tailored schedule extracts;
  • Risks can be identified more easily, allowing the team to assess impact and plan mitigations, and therefore enabling sponsors to have increased confidence;
  • We still maintain a committed team providing expert advice and regular schedule updating while allowing for extensive knowledge and skills transfer to the in-house team by hands-on consultants.

What is the challenge?
Delivering a car of this complexity and ‘overcoming the impossible’, all with limited budget and resources, presents significant challenges. The project required the effective development and integration of an effective and user-friendly planning and scheduling programme.

What is our solution?
The BMT Hi-Q Sigma team is working closely with the design, manufacturing and assembly engineers to develop an integrated project schedule to enable the optimisation of manufacturing and assembly facilities, people and financial resources. Our integrated approach to project delivery is providing the Bloodhound Project Director, Richard Noble, and his engineering team, with the confidence that their key milestones are demonstrably achievable, and a toolset that enables reliable forecasting and sound decision making.

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