Case Studies

BMT Hi-Q Sigma provides complex project procurement support to MOD

Complex project procurement support to MOD

What benefits did we deliver?

  • Our ability to act flexibly and work with the client enabled the delivery of both successful Concept and Sustainment business cases without undue delay. 
  • The Assessment Phase remains on track to achieve Main Gate by March 2016, thus ensuring the procurement of a vital new capability for the armed services remains on track. 

What was the challenge?
High Grade Messaging provides a messaging system between organisations for the passage of operational Command and Control and Crisis Management information.  The challenge for Information Systems & Services (ISS) is to maintain the current capability, whilst procuring a new capability for the future which is coherent with current national and international policy. The customer’s project team did not have sufficient skills to enact such a complex procurement.

What was our solution?
BMT Hi-Q Sigma has been involved in all phases of the procurement so far including the Concept Phase and the Assessment Phase. We provided the majority of the inputs into the Business Case and Review note, as well as engaging with stakeholders from the approvals and assurance communities. We were involved with project controls for the project, delivering weekly project checkpoint briefs, monthly project board presentations, bi-monthly input to the programme board, and Assurance Meetings to ensure all senior stakeholders were involved from the end of each phase.  

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