Case Studies

BMT Hi-Q Sigma were members of a project management consortium working with the Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Justice Architecture Managed Service

What benefits did we deliver?

  • Flexibility in provision of resources to cope with peaks and troughs of project demand
  • The provision of the most appropriately experienced resources to each project that in turn improves the assurance of projects;
  • Reduced project risk due to having the right resources at the right time to assure IT suppliers’ designs and delivery
  • Reduction of MoJ management overhead due to Managed Service managing their resources

What was the challenge?
The AMS was needed to transform the current assurance working practices and delivery organisation to a more effective system that could be used to support the organisational, ICT and business development of the MoJ.  

What was our solution?

  • BMT Hi-Q Sigma reviewed the existing systems, organisation structures and resources to create the transition plan used to manage the implementation of the AMS.
  • Where current procedures were likely to be impacted by the transition, the most appropriate solution was implemented while maintaining the integrity of the required outcomes during the implementation phase.
  • These were monitored on a continuous basis to ensure the required outcomes were achieved. 
  • The team provided impartial advice to the client on future governance arrangements and organisational structures and where appropriate provided MoJ staff with coaching and mentoring on the newly developed enterprise (both systems and business) architecture.
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