Case Studies

BMT Hi-Q Sigma has helped develop the Ships OC P3M capabilities

Using P3M skills to increase efficiency in the MOD's Ships Operating Centre

What benefits did we deliver?

  • Time saved as a result of clear P3M guidance, leading to a more effective use of resources within Ships OC
  • Improved planning and communication between Project and Functions has increased stakeholder confidence in the data and information provided
  • Saving time & effort through a consistent data set has allowed a more effective use of industrial capacity
  • More effective governance and processes have led to a reduction in the duplication of effort that has allowed Ships OC to make the right decisions at the right time
  • Upskilling the workforce and the development on staff competence has enhanced effectiveness year on year

What was the challenge?
The Ships Operating Centre (OC) is initiating a programme of activities to improve P3M across all teams within the OC in line with the mandate issued by DShips in May 2013. In order to be a successful organisation there is a need to become efficient and effective in their management of programmes, projects, technical and safety management.
They have identified that their Portfolio, Programme & Project Management (P3M) needs to be professionalised and improved in order to achieve their desired future state.

What was our solution?
BMT Hi-Q Sigma consultants initially provided support to the performance management and risk projects as part of the P3M Development Programme, but due to our experience and knowledge our role has since expanded, supporting a revision in the structure of the core team so that we have a role as an intrinsic part of the programme team, and also support the projects that deliver specific aspects of the framework (i.e. risk management, finance management, etc).

In addition to our subject matter expertise we bring our programme management expertise, following a “Managing Successful Programmes” based approach to the running of the programme, where we have assessed the current state of the organisation and jointly established a vision for the future state of the organisation, with this being captured in a Blueprint.

HQS created a Portfolio plan and schedule to provide a defined understanding of the Portfolio that sits within and supports the wider P3M Portfolio Control Framework. The plan provided a holistic view of key milestones and activities that directly affected the Ships OC strategic objectives and agreed outputs. This enabled senior management to monitor the progress of key activities, understand the interdependencies between programmes and prioritise tasks with increased confidence.

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