Case Studies

BMT Hi-Q Sigma provided training to BMT Defence Services Ltd

Training for BMT Defence Services Ltd

“The feedback was very complimentary, particularly in terms of course structure, delivery and supporting documentation. Initial project performance analysis suggests that the courses are having a positive benefit on our business.” - David Lester-Card, Operations Director, BMT Defence Service Ltd.

What benefits did we deliver?

  • The programme effectively equipped all Project Managers with the ability to control and manage projects efficiently using a combination of industry best practice and requirements, tools and systems specific to BMT Defence Services
  • Training content was aligned with BMT Defence Services' internal Project Management and Risk Management Tools and Guidelines, in addition to the latest APM and PMI thinking and approaches

What was the challenge?
BMT Defence Services Ltd were seeking to ensure that all Project Managers in its organisation were fully equipped to deliver projects successfully.

What was our solution?
BMT Hi-Q Sigma designed, developed and delivered a three-day Project Management and two-day Risk Management course specific to BMT Defence Services' requirements that:

  • Provided a refresher and guide on how to successfully manage projects and risk;
  • Ensured that Project Managers within the organisation were receiving the same coherent message and, therefore, would have a consistent approach and understanding;
  • Equipped Project Managers with the tools to be able to manage their projects successfully;
  • Promoted best practice and lessons learned among all Project Managers.


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